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DKDKTV x KEN: Encouraging participation of women in Science and Technology : challenges for the young generations

Watch what Korean college students think about women in STEM fields.

Reading between the gender lines of STEM


Watch this short video produced by KEN, with insightful figures from Europe and the South Korea.

[​Newsletter] December 2022 


In the newsletter for December 2022, we will inform you of major activities of KEN for this month.

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Working together against discrimination: European and Korean perspectives


In this publication we aim to share the essence of the activists’ insights and we hope to raise awareness of the current challenges. We also aim to prompt more dialogue and interaction amongst CSO’s from the two regions and set the frame for mutual understanding and learning.

[​Newsletter] October 2022 


In the newsletter for October 2022, we will inform you of major activities of KEN for this month.

[​Newsletter] August 2022 


In the newsletter for August 2022, we will inform you of major activities of KEN for this month.

[​Newsletter] June 2022 


In the newsletter for June 2022, we will inform you of major activities of KEN for this month.

Collaboration between Ye Long and Anne Derin


This year, KEN will start a series of comics with two Korean and European comics artists who are actively working on human rights-related topics.

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[​Newsletter] February 2021 Issue 3


In our third KEN newsletter, we bring you the following highlights of our online activities. March 8th Korea-Europe Debate in Commemoration of International Women's Day: A workshop on the achievements and future of women's human rights will be held.

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[Meet the CSOs] ECRE Policy Committee Member Reshad Haley


We had the opportunity to hear about the activities of ECRE and civic groups from Reshad Haley, a member of ECRE, Europe's largest civil society organization for migrants and refugees.

Information Sheet (5/5) - Violence Against Women


Find out about the state of EU policy on violence against women.

[Meet the CSOs] Human Asia Policy Research Team Jeong Hyeon-chan, Team Leader


Established in 2006, Human Asia is an organization that advocates for human rights and carries out human rights-based development cooperation projects. We met Jeong Hyeon-chan, an activist who is also a steering committee member of the Korea-EU Civil Society Network (KEN) project, to hear about Human Asia and his thoughts as an activist.

Information Sheet (4/5) - Disability


Find out about the current state of EU policy on disability.

Information Sheet (3/5) - Third-country citizen integration


​Check the current state of the European Union's policy on third-country citizen integration.

Information Sheet (2/5) - Gender equality


​Check the status of EU policy on gender equality.

[Card News] Virtual Workshop


Introducing the speakers who participated in [The 1st Korea-EU Civil Society Network (KEN) Online Workshop]: 'Human Rights Violation, Discrimination and Unequal Impact of the Corona Crisis on the Vulnerable Class' held with the support of the European Union !

Information Sheet (1/5) - Anti-Discrimination Act


Check the EU's policy status regarding ​anti-discrimination law​.

[​newsletter] June 2020 No. 1


The European Union (EU) Mission to Korea is supporting various civil society cooperation and exchange programs throughout 2020 and 2021. As part of these efforts, we are expanding access to information by opening various channels of dialogue, such as this newsletter.

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