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Card News: Virtual Workshop

Introducing the speaker who participated in [1st Korea-EU CSO Network (KEN) Virtual Workshop]: Human Rights, Discrimination and the Unequal Impact of COVID-19 on Persons in Vulnerable Positions, funded by the European Union!

Please meet the speakers who gave a great presentation on June 23 at the virtual workshop via Zoom!

20200623 유럽연합_ 카드뉴스_ 국문_ 2 내지1..jpg
20200729 유럽연합_ 카드뉴스_ 영문_ 2 내지2..jpg
20200623 유럽연합_ 카드뉴스_ 영문_ 2 내지3..jpg
20200729 유럽연합_ 카드뉴스_ 영문_ 2 내지4..jpg
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