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June 16, 2020

Newsletter # 1, June 2020



Hello! 안녕하십니까!


At a time when global cooperation and interaction are needed more than ever.

The Delegation of the European Union (EU) to the Republic of Korea is supporting a variety of civil society cooperation and exchange activities over 2020 and 2021. As part of those efforts, we would like to open a range of communication networks, such as this newsletter, to facilitate easy-to-access information exchange. 

 Focusing on the comprehensive theme of human rights and discrimination,

this EU-funded CSO Network will support various events, including interview, workshops, and international conferences over the next two years. Through these events, we hope to gain a new perspective by exchanging various opinions on issues of common interest and concern, as well as serve as a stepping-stone for further continued exchanges and networking. 


Wishing all members of civil societies orgnisations and their families to stay healthy and strong!


Michael Reiterer,

Ambassador of Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea

Event Introduction


Korea-EU CSO Network 2020-2021

Under the comprehensive theme of human rights, Korea-EU CSO Network focuses on the rights of vulnerable group, of disabled people and of migrant workers. Among the events planned:

  • [Online Workshop] Human Rights, Discrimination and the Unequal Impact of COVID-19 on Persons in Vulnerable Positions - June 2020

  • [Workshop] Diverse topics related to Human Rights and Discrimination - 2nd Half of 2020 ~ 1st Half of 2021

  • [International Conference] Direction and Challenges for Civil Society- 2021

Steering Coalition Introduction


In order to foster a participatory CSO network a Steering Coalition with around 10 activists representing various areas of Korean CSOs will be established to provide insights and advice on the direction of the overall network and on how to make it sustainable. The Coalition will also participate in planning events including workshops and international conference. We welcome activists who are interested in becoming a member of the Coalition!



Korea-EU CSO Network Survey


Korea-EU CSO Network







Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea





The views in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect the official views of the European Union institutions and bodies.

본 뉴스레터에 표기된 내용 및 견해는 주한 유럽연합(EU) 대표부의 의견이 반영되지 않았음을 밝힙니다.

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