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Human Asia dreams of spreading the light of human rights across Asia and the world.



Purpose of Establishment:

Human Asia was established to contribute to the establishment of a regional human rights protection system that was absent only in Asia, to seek diversity in each region of Asia, peaceful coexistence, and to create an open world where everyone is respected in regards to human rights without any kind of discrimination.

Main Activity:

Actively participate in human rights protection activities and campaigns, on-site activities through humanitarian assistance, education and training programs to foster young human rights activists, as well as publishing reports to improve human rights conditions in Asia.

Main History:

  • 2006.01 Organisation founded (as Asia and Human Rights Center)

  • 2010.11 Changrok Soh, former Vice-President, is appointed as President of Human Asia

  • 2012.02 Human Asia receives the 2012 National Human Rights Award from the National Human Rights Commission of Korea

  • 2013.01 Human Asia Nepal office officially opens

  • 2014.09 Changrok Soh, President of Human Asia, is elected as a member of the UN Human Rights Council Advisory Committee of the UN General Assembly

  • 2015.07 UN DPI (Department of Public Information) (July 14)

  • 2016.03 Signed MOU with SNEHA School (India)

  • 2017.04 The 11th Asia Human Rights Forum -’Human Rights and Asian Corporate Leadership’

  • 2018.03 Changrok Soh, President of Human Asia, becomes Vice-President of the UN Human Rights Committee Advisory Council

  • 2019.10 The 12th Asia Human Rights Forum - Human Rights and Human Rights Management in the New Technology Era

  • 2020.02 Initiation of the Survey of Households and Independent Projects for Minority in the Philippines (Sablayan), MOU with Sorok Uni, Philippines (February 20)

  • 2020.03 SSEHA (India) Initiation of Digital Education Support and School Facility Maintenance

  • 2020.05 Establishment of Asia Business and Human Rights Center


The field of exchange and solidarity with European Union civil society organizations:

  • Legislative influential activities of civic groups for the establishment of a regional human rights protection system in the European region.


210 Yonggi Building, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 4F

Tel. 02-723-1673 / Fax. 02-511-0274 / email.

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