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October 08, 2020


October 2020

Updates from the Korea-EU CSO Network (KEN).

Dear subscribers,


In this edition of the KEN newsletter,

we are pleased to present you some of the key online actions

that are displayed on our platform.

In the Event section, you can find video and other materials

related to the first online workshop, held on June 23, 2020.  

A video interview from Professor Changrok Soh, the head of Korea University's International Human Rights Center is available

on the Community section.

The Meet the CSOs section provides you

introduction to civil societies from South Korea and Europe,

notably through stories from Hyunchan Jung, team leader of Human Asia, and Reshad Jalali, policy officer of ECRE, the largest group representing migrant refugees in Europe. You can also find more information

about two civil society organisations from South Korea and Europe in CSO section.


In November, the second webinar of KEN will be held

and the second workshop will be organised in December.

Stay tuned, more information will follow!


We thank you for your interest.


- KEN -

Watch again the 1st KEN online workshop


On June 23, in commemoration of the launch of the Korea-EU CSO Network, the first workshop was held with the theme of Human Rights, Discrimination and the Unequal Impact of COVID-19 on Persons in Vulnerable Positions.


Meet the CSOs - ECRE

20200925 [CSO] 뉴스레터_ 이미지-02.jpg

One of the most complex issues in Europe is related to migration and refugees. Reshad Jalali, Policy Officer at ECRE, an alliance of 106 NGOs across 40 European countries, gives an introduction of their role and current activities.

Meet the CSOs - Human Asia

Human Asia continues its activities to establish a regional human rights protection system that is lacking in the Asian region. They are also focusing on human rights in general, as they remain an unfamiliar topic in the region.


Reflection on Human Rights and ICT amid COVID-19


Prof. Changrok Soh, head of the International Human Rights Center at Korea University, gave an interview on human rights issues that were brought about by

COVID-19, along with his own experience of being tested positive for COVID-19.

Introducing CSOs in South Korea and Europe


Alliance on migrant and refugee rights, gathering 106 NGOs across 40 European countries 
Human Asia dreams of spreading the light on human rights across Asia and the world

Upcoming event

The 2nd Korea-EU CSO Network (KEN) WEBINAR will happen in November 2020 on the topic of advocacy and campaigning!
The 2nd Korea-EU CSO Network (KEN) WORKSHOP will take place in December 2020 on human rights and discrimination!

News & Info

New Pact on Migration and Asylum

new pact.png

On September 23, the European Commission adopted the proposal of a new Pact on Migration and Asylum, covering all of the different elements needed for a comprehensive European approach to migration. It sets out improved and faster procedures throughout the asylum and migration system. And it sets in balance the principles of fair sharing of responsibility and solidarity. This is crucial for rebuilding confidence in the capacity of the European Union to manage migration.

Click here for more information and a Q&A.

2020 Conference on Combating Hate and Discrimination

20201006[CSO] 뉴스레터 이미지_ 국제 콘퍼런스.png

On September 17, the European Union co-hosted the 2020 Conference on Combating Hate and Discrimination with the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) and the Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions (APF) on the theme of implementation of strategies and action plans to address hate and discrimination.

Click here to view the video clip of the session and for more information, visit the website at

National Human Rights Commission of Korea collaborates with cartoonist Yerong 


The National Human Rights Commission of Korea has collaborated with writer Yerong to produce a webtoon series that is based on the stories of actual unregistered children in South Korea. Yerong works on cartoons on human rights issues that we encounter in everyday life.


Watch the webtoons to learn the story of an unregistered child who was born and raised in South Korea but can no longer live there after graduating from high school.

National Human Rights Commission of Korea's Social Media Channel


Yerong's Social Media Channel



Professor Changrok Soh elected as the first Korean member of the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

20201006[CSO] 뉴스레터 이미지_ 서창록.png

On September 17, Changrok Soh, President of Human Asia, has been elected as the first Korean member of the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. He is further the first Korean to be elected to the committee since Korea ratified the ICCPR, which is a core part of UN human rights mechanisms.

Click here to read more about this news.

This newsletter is on a quarterly basis.


For questions or inquires to participate in KEN, please contact us through the information listed below.

The views in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect the official views of the European Union institutions and bodies.

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